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Halls of Ivy

The Halls of Ivy was a radio situation comedy that ran from 1949 to 1952 on NBC. The series featured the British actor Ronald Colman as William Todhunter Hall, the president of a small, Midwestern Ivy College. Colman's wife Benita Hume, played Mrs. Hall, Vicky, who was also a former British musical comedy actress. Herbert Butterfield played the testy board chairman Clarence Wellman; Willard Waterman was a board member John Merriweather. Elizabeth Patterson and Gloria Gordon played the Halls' maids. The show was created and written by Don Quinn, who famously wrote the scripts for Fibber McGee and Molly.

The plots of the Halls of Ivy deal with the campus life, presenting school personnel's interactions with students, friends, and college trustees. Once in a while, the listeners also get to join Professor Hall's reminiscing about his younger days with Vicky in London.

The presentation of the Halls' home life greatly adds to the show's wholesomeness and jocularity, too. The show is a enjoyable, sincere, yet lighthearted, depiction of the Halls' home and professional lives.

There are 90 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Dr. Halls Reappointment June 22, 1949
Dr. Halls Reappointment - Private Audition June 23, 1949
Dirty Politics March 17, 1950
Merton Savadas Crush March 3, 1950
Student Thief February 24, 1950
The Snowman February 10, 1950
The Chinese Student February 17, 1950
Reappointment January 6, 1950
Student Editorial January 13, 1950
The Gangster's Son January 20, 1950
Wellmans Nose Charter Day Ceremonies January 27, 1950
Dr. Bromley, a Shakespeare Expert February 3, 1950
Victorias New Review March 10, 1950
Professor Gerhardts Secret March 24, 1950
The Ivy Chamber Music & Knockwurst Society March 31, 1950
Toddy Plays Hookey April 7, 1950
Mrs Fosters Lost Dog April 14, 1950
Traffic and Cocoanuts April 21, 1950
The Scofield Prize April 28, 1950
Student Actress May 5, 1950
Mrs Whitneys Statue May 10, 1950
Dr. Abel May 17, 1950
The Fighting Med Student May 24, 1950
The Sexton Award May 31, 1950
D-Day June 7, 1950

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